Veterans Aid Fund


Nebraska Veterans Aid Fund

The NVA Fund was established in 1921. This temporary emergency aid fund assists veterans, their spouses, and dependents when an unforeseen emergency occurs disrupting their normal method of living and when other resources are not immediately available. For NVA purposes, veteran means any person who served on active duty in the armed forces of the United States, other than active duty for training, who received an honorable discharge, or its equivalent, from such service or who, being a citizen of the United States, at the time of his or her entry into such service, served with the military forces of any government allied with the United States in a period of conflict pursuant to Section 80-401.01 and who received an honorable discharge, or its equivalent, from such service. All income from the Fund is used for aid and not for administrative expenses of the fund. Aid can only be used for food, fuel, shelter, wearing apparel, funeral, medical, and surgical items. Application must be made through the County Service Officer or post Service Officer of any recognized veterans' organization in the county nearest the applicant's place of residence and submitted to the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

County Veterans Aid Fund

The CVA fund is a temporary emergency fund to assist veterans, their spouses, and dependents when there is an unforeseen emergency and there are no other resources available. Eligible veterans are persons who served on active duty, received an Honorable Discharge, and served during one of the defined "wartime eras" and who have resided in Nebraska for at least one year, and Phelps County for at least six months. Applicants may request assistance with food, shelter, clothing, funeral, medical, dental, and surgical items. The applicant must apply through the County Service Office in Phelps County. This is an "aid" program so the veteran must demonstrate an "inability" to meet the obligation to pay these bills, via an application.