Vocational Rehab


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Vocational Rehabilitation:

The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program is the element within the VA which helps veterans with service-related injuries achieve suitable employment or enhance their ability to function independently at home and in the community.

Program Services:

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Include:

  • Assistance in finding and maintaining suitable employment
  • Evaluation of skills, abilities, interests, and needs
  • Vocational and personal counseling and planning
  • If needed, training such as on-the-job and non-paid work experiences
  • If needed, educational training such as certificate, two, or four-year college programs
  • Financial Aid
  • Supportive rehabilitation services and additional counseling

Independent Living Services Include:

  • An evaluation to determine your independent living needs
  • Training in activities of daily living
  • Guidance and support throughout your rehabilitation program
  • Technological assistance
  • Personal adjustment counseling
  • In some cases, training to improve your ability to reach a vocational goal

VR&E Also Provides:

  • Vocational and educational guidance and counseling to assist service-members, veterans, and certain veterans' dependents in selecting an appropriate career goal and training institution
  • Vocational training to certain Vietnam veterans' children with spina bifida


Usually, a veteran must first be awarded a monthly VA Disability Compensation payment. In some cases, veterans may be eligible if they are not getting VA compensation (for example, if they are awaiting discharge from the service because of a disability, OR they are entitled to VA compensation but have decided not to reduce their military retirement or disability pay.

Eligibility is also based on meeting the following conditions:

  • The veteran served on or after September 16, 1940; and
  • The veteran's discharge or release from active duty was under other than dishonorable conditions; and
  • The veteran's service-connected disabilities are rated at least 20% disabling by VA (NOTE: Effective October 1, 1993, a veteran may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation if he or she is rated 10% disabled, and has a serious employment handicap.); and
  • The veteran needs Vocational Rehabilitation to overcome an employment handicap; and
  • It has been less than 12 years since VA notified the veteran of his or her eligibility. (A veteran may have longer than 12 years to use this benefit if certain conditions prevented him or her from training.)