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Bobby Hamilton

Highway Superintendent

roads department buildingThe Phelps County Road Department is managed like a business providing a service. Our goal is to be profitable and successful, but we differ from a business in that we show a "profit" through reduced costs, increased productivity, acquisition of state and federal funds, good maintenance programs, and comprehensive liability prevention practices.

The County Road Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all roads, bridges, culverts, etc. under our jurisdiction. Road office personnel are as follows; Bobby Hamilton is the Highway Superintendent/Drug and Alcohol Manager, John Olson is the Road Foreman/Safety Manager/Bridge Inspector, and Jodi Maaske is the Road's Secretary.

Our 1 & 6 Year Road Plan, Budget, and Annual Report are available at the Department of Roads Office.

Allocation of your Tax Dollars:

tax chart roadsThe total local tax asking for fiscal year 2001-2002 was $11,041,022. Approximately 4% of the total is utilized by the Road and Bridge budget. For every $100 a person pays in local taxes, only $4 is going to the Road and Bridge budget. $70 of the $100 goes to schools, $10 to Cities & Villages, $10 to the County, $2 to NRD and $1 each to the Ag Society, ESU, Townships and Fire Districts.

The 2000 Census showed a total of 9,747 people living in Phelps County. The average cost per person for the local tax asking of $11,041,022 is $1,132.76. The average cost per person for the Road and Bridge budget is only $44.60 per year- an evening out for a family of four including supper and a movie will cost more than $44.60.