Planning and Zoning Goals

The following represents the general community goals associated with Bertrand, Loomis, Atlanta and rural Phelps County:

  • Maximize development and job creation opportunities to produce the following estimated annual population increases for the next 10 years: Atlanta 0.7 percent, Bertrand 0.7 percent and Loomis 0.2 percent.
  • Market Phelps County to increase population, broaden the economic base and expand employment opportunities.
  • The future image of Phelps County will depend greatly on the willingness of the County to accept changes in the population and economic structure of each community and the willingness of each community to be a part of the ongoing planning and implementation process of the County.
  • Promote the preservation of the agricultural industry, including the diversity of crop developments.
  • Programs of citizen participation should be fostered in Phelps County to maintain and improve the economic and social quality of life of each community and the County at large.
  • Foster and market the values of the residents of Phelps County and encourage the development of organized local action to preserve and strengthen the county and its communities.
  • Establish a comprehensive program in conjunction with Nebraska Games and Parks to promote the use of State Wildlife Management Area.
  • Develop and enforce building codes for Phelps County, Atlanta, Bertrand and Loomis.
  • Maintain and strengthen relationships between the County and its communities to produce planning practices supportive of proper land usage, economic growth, housing, public facilities and services, transportation and recreation.