Comprehensive Plan


Planning and Zoning Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan was prepared under the direction of the Phelps County/Community Planning Commission as a guide for future development of the County and the communities of Bertrand, Loomis and Atlanta. Excluded from this planning process are the City of Holdrege and the Village of Funk. Although Holdrege and Funk were not included as part of the joint planning commission, population, economic and housing demographics of these towns are included. The demographics of Holdrege and Funk are important in planning for the County as a whole.

The Phelps County Comprehensive Plan is designed to provide policy guidance which will enable the citizens and elected officials of the County to make informed judgments and decision about the future of the County and communities. Many issues regarding the future of the County are addressed in this Plan.

This Comprehensive Plan is intended to identify goals, polices and procedures leading to the attainment of quality of life in Phelps County and provide a general guide for future decisions and developments within the County and its communities. The Comprehensive Plan is also intended to encourage a strong economic base for the County, so the desires of the citizens can realistically be met.