Zoning Administrator


This resolution shall be enforced and administered by a zoning administrator who shall be appointed by the County Board and who may be provided with the assistance of such other persons as the County Board may direct in order to carry out the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Approve and issue all zoning permits, building permits and occupancy certificates when compliance is made with this resolution.
  • Conduct inspections of buildings, structures and uses of land to determine compliance with the provisions of this resolution.
  • Receive, file and forward to the County Board of Zoning Adjustment the records in all appeals for variances.
  • Maintain permanent and current records of the Zoning Resolution including but not limited to, all zoning maps, amendments, special use permits, variances, appeals and applications thereof and records of hearings thereon.
  • Prepare and have available in book, pamphlet or map for each year.

The compiled text of the Zoning Resolution and amendments thereto, including all amendments adopted through the preceding December 31st; and

A zoning map or maps, showing the zoning districts, divisions and classifications in effect on the preceding December 31st.

Whenever the Zoning Administrator shall find that any of the provisions of this resolution have been or are being violated, he/she shall notify in writing the person responsible for such violation, indicating the nature of the violation and ordering the action necessary to correct it. He/she may order discontinuance of illegal use of land, buildings or structures; removal of illegal buildings, structures or additions or alterations thereto; discontinuance of any illegal work being done; or take any other appropriate action authorized by this resolution to insure compliance with, or to prevent violation of, its provisions.