South Central Regional Local Emergency Planning Committee

With the Federal Government placing an emphasis on Hazardous Materials storage, and planning in communities, each county is required to have an active LEPC in place. SARA Title III mandates that the LEPC be responsible for planning, tracking facilities, and response to an event at such a facility. The SARA Title III is the community's right to know where and what is being stored. Each storage facility must report annually to the local Fire Department, LEPC, and the Department of Environmental Quality.

The SCRLEPC meets quarterly and is made up of the following counties: Phelps, Harlan, Furnas, Kearney, Franklin, and Gosper. The positions on the committee are filled with people form Emergency Management, Fire Service, EMS, Hospital, Media, Industry, Agriculture and Elected officials.

Officers Elected

At the Annual Meeting of the SCRLEPC in November, the Officers were elected. The new positions are as follows:

  • Chair - Patric Gerdes, Phelps County
  • Vice Chair - Chris Becker, Harlan County
  • Sec/Treas.- Jill Schmidt, Phelps County

Meeting Agendas

February 6, 2015

Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2014