Frequent Questions


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Emergency Management

What is Emergency Management?

Emergency Management is a governmental based agency based at the local, state, and federal levels. Emergency Management specializes in Hazard Mitigation, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response & Recovery.

Is Emergency Management part of Law Enforcement?

Not everywhere. Some jurisdictions do run their programs through the local law enforcement but a majority are self supporting agencies.

How does Emergency Management relate to Homeland Security?

Depending on the area, the Emergency Management Agencies serve as the Homeland Security contacts for the counties and are the liaison between the State Emergency Management Agency and the local responders.

What is NIMS?

NIMS (National Incident Management System) is a derivative of a Homeland Security Presidential Directive stating that all responders would manage incidents with a consistent and flexible system.

How do I find an Emergency Manager?

You can contact the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency via

Is Emergency Management required?

Yes, by Nebraska statute each county must have an Emergency Manager. Some counties share an Emergency Manager and have made up Regional agencies

Are Emergency Managers considered Emergency Responders?

In many jurisdictions they do respond to many different types of emergency incidents. Hazardous Materials would be the most common event outside of a Severe Weather event but many respond to fires,and medical emergencies as well. There are some Emergency Managers that will respond only to an EOC and standby for support services without going to a scene of the incident.

What is an EOC??

EOC stands for Emergency Operations Center. An EOC is usually an area set aside for use by Emergency Management and subordinates during a disaster to conduct business regarding the disaster, conduct emergency communications, information area for elected officials and a place for the media to receive information when available.