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On February 1, 2005 the Phelps County Emergency Management Agency combined with Gosper County Emergency Management to form the Region 15 Emergency Management Agency. On April 1, 2005 Frontier County also joined forces with the agency. Hitchcock County joined into the Region on October 1, 2007. Dundy County recently joined Region 15 on November 1, 2012.  The agency is made up of one full time Director, a part-time Administrative Deputy and four part time Deputy Directors for each county. Our support staff consists of a Public Information Officer and several Volunteer Weather Spotters.

 Patrick Gerdes

Director Gerdes

Patrick Gerdes currently serves as the Director of the Agency. In July of 2003 he was appointed to the Phelps County Directors position. Prior to the appointment to Director, he served as a Deputy Director for Phelps County for 2 years. He has 25+ years of fire service, and emergency medical experience. Director Gerdes is a Nebraska Advanced Certified Emergency Manager, Nebraska Certified EMS Instructor and is trained to the Operations Level of Hazardous Materials. He is currently the President-Elect and has served as the West Central Area and the Central Area Representative on the Board of Directors for the Nebraska Association of Emergency Managers. Pat was awarded the "2007 Emergency Management Professional of the Year" by the Nebraska Association of Emergency Management.

Dan Rupp

Deputy Director Rupp

Dan Rupp also is serving as a Deputy Director for the Region. Dan is also the Frontier County Sheriff and will have Emergency Management duties and jurisdiction throughout the Region as well. Dan has been very instrumental in the Frontier County Emergency Management Program prior to his appointment to the Region 15 EMA. He also has a background of fire service, EMS and has received his Basic Certification as a Nebraska Emergency Manager.

Dennis Ocken

Deputy Director Ocken

Dennis Ocken is another Deputy Director for Region 15 EMA. Dennis also serves as the Gosper County Sheriff and will be representing Emergency Management in all of the counties making up Region 15 EMA. Dennis has a long background in law enforcement and is looking forward to being involved with the Region 15 EMA.

Kyle Clapp

Deputy Director Clapp

Kyle serves as the Deputy Director for Hitchcock County.  He is a member of the Culbertson Fire Department as well as an EMT with Culbertson EMS.  Kyle is a certified CPR Instructor with American Heart Association.  Kyle has completed the Nebraska Basic Certification program and has a background in Public Information.

Pam Reichert

Deputy Director Reichert

Pam will serve as the Deputy Director for Dundy County.  She is an EMT with Dundy County EMS, an LPN at the Dundy County Hospital, and recently completed her Nebraska Basic Certification program for Emergency Management.

Dale Herrington

Deputy Director Herrington

Dale Herrington is our most recent addition to the Region 15 program.  He will serve as the Phelps County Deputy Director and has a background of EMS and Fire Department Service.  In 2011, Dale completed the Nebraska Basic Certification program.  He is a Certified Storm Spotter, as well as a HAM Operator.  Dale is currently an employee of Source Gas. 

Jill Schmidt

Jill Schmidt

Jill Schmidt serves the agency as the part time Administrative Deputy for the Agency. Jill is a Ragan native and comes to the agency with a background in law enforcement after being employed with the Lincoln Police Department for 10 years. She has a B.S. in Psychology from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Schmidt is a Certified Basic Emergency Manager in Nebraska. Jill is responsible for the daily office functions of the office and will be utilized to handle situations in the absence of the Director or Deputy Directors.