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Nebraska Prairie Museum
Holdrege, NE
(308) 995-5015

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Fine and Performing Arts

The Tassel
Holdrege, NE

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South Park
Holdrege, NE
The South Park offers many of the amenities of the North Park, minus the lake! Instead, the South Park borders the city-run pool, complete with diving, wading, and waterslide sections. The South Park also has a walking trail, playground facilities, and tennis courts.

North Park
Holdrege, NE
At the North Park you can enjoy the North Park Lake for fishing or just a casual walk around the park's trail. There are playground facilities for children, tennis courts, and lots of open green space to play frisbee or football or any other form of catch! The Promise of the Prairie statue is located on the walking trail around the North Park.

Wildlife Viewing

Central Nebraska is a vital stopping point for migrating birds during the spring and fall. The loss of wetlands and other stopping points has created a bottleneck through the middle of the state.

Atlanta Marsh
1/2 mile north of Atlanta via county road

Cottonwood WPA
1 mile north, 2 east of Bertrand

Funk Lagoon WPA
1 mile east, 3 north of Funk via county road
1,900 acres
Dove, pheasant, and waterfowl present
(308) 865-5310

Johnson WPA
8 miles north, 3 east of Holdrege

Jones Marsh WPA
2 miles east, 2 north of Atlanta via county road

Lynder WPA
1 mile north, 5 east of Bertrand

Sacramento Wildlife Preserve WMA
2 miles west of Wilcox, via county road to access sign
3,023 acres 2 miles west of Wilcox
Dove, pheasant, quail, rabbit, squirrel, crow, deer, and waterfowl present
(308) 478-5238

Eagle Viewing

Each year, bald eagles travel to areas along the Platte River from as far away as Canada, Alaska and the Great Lakes states to find a wintering area with an abundant food supply. They have become winter residents of wooded areas adjacent to the Platte and reservoirs, the supply canal and areas below Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District hydro plants.

Central, in cooperation with Holdrege and other area chambers of commerce, makes the J-2 plant available for eagle viewing during the winter months. Contact Central for schedules and details. (308) 995-8601